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Tadasana - That Place I Stand

A Person Standing Upright in Tadasana

That place I stand. Once I was told by someone who is literate in Sanskrit, as I am not, the thought that follows. That perhaps another translation into English of tadasana would be that pose. In other words, instead of the translation usually given for tadasana as mountain pose, tadasana could be interpreted to mean that pose. That pose? The person who mentioned this went on to suggested perhaps a interesting idea would be to play with finding the feeling one cultivates in tadasana in all the other poses. Tadasana as a beginning, as a place of reflection and comparison then becomes my source.

What are my roots? I have been trained in yoga for over 15 years by teachers with a primarily modern western yoga background. I have benefited from the practice of yoga. What does this mean? Since I have not studied Sanskrit at this point and have read a handful of the myriad of texts that exist, my knowledge has been second hand...reliant on messengers. I have learned and grown greatly because of this tradition, but it is not the only song that calls to me. Currently in the wider world the appropriate meaning of the word yoga is being discussed. I support this; clarifying the meaning of language particularly as our connections hopefully expand to encompass each other more fully and with greater equanimity. In response, I must question where I am in this greater conversation. For now, I can offer some clarity with my standing place. I came to yoga via the physical practice that appears to have evolved as a shorthand from some other practices. I still love the postures, the breath, the movement that dominated my early practice although, admittedly, I am less interested in making shapes my body finds extreme. I have studied some of the translations of some of the philosophical texts and have read a few books on modern western thought on additional texts. However, I have had less access to direct Indian thought which is where the traditions I studied originated. Therefore, I am uncertain what has been lost in translation. What might be lost in translation regardless of access due to my cultural upbringing and background. This access is changing, but so have I. I am currently more drawn in exploring the Orishas and related New World systems that survived the slave trade that evolved from Africa. I feel culturally connected to these lineages. I also have a degree in anthropology and tend to study peoples, religions and philosophies in general. I may arrive at a different decision tomorrow. Is what I do yoga? You decide. #tadasana #stand #thatpose #mountainpose #whereistand #yoga #movement #breathe

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