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Joyful Movement

Movement, Yoga, and Somatics


Yoga Biography

The past which I wish to acknowledge and honor: This practice ( entering into a yoga practice )  has changed my life. I discovered yoga as part of my New Year Resolution in the year 2000, and almost 20 years later am still in love with the practice. I did my first teacher training in 2003 in the Anusara style of yoga, which I was a member of until I received new information in 2011 when I resigned. My second teacher training was in 2005 with two of my main teachers at the time, Sianna Sherman and Mitchel Bleier. I continued to branch out, discover and explore both with various teachers and on my own. Life invites us to learn, explore, play and teach through it all. Registered with the Yoga Alliance since 2005, currently as an E - RYT® 500, YACEP® .

Now: I am teaching and studying various mindful movement practices as well as somatic and social synergy. How the body-mind is inseparable and as social beings we are also deeply interconnected in community. Another life changing experience I am weaving back into my work is my Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology, one of the studies that taught me a lot regarding what makes us human and how that is done in relationship to ourself, each other, and the world around us.

You can find me teaching public yoga classes at Shine Yoga Center, It's Yoga Cincinnati and Lynne Carroll's Yoga Studio.

Yoga Bio
Holding onto Handstand

Holding onto Handstand

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Shoulder Focused Yoga Practice

Low Back Focused class with blocks & strap

Transitioning Through Tadasana - 30 minute instructional practice / yoga class with tadasana ( a pose that closely resembles what might be considered standing up straight ) as the transition point to other standing poses. We stay on our feet for this particular class, there are other options in my video library which require absolutely no standing if that is more appropriate for you.

Yoga Video Library located on YouTube with additional classes and shorts.

Yoga: Classes

For private, individualized Yoga Sessions contact me at jogriffithyoga at

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