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It Started with Yoga Videos

My yoga practice started many years ago as a New Years resolution for the year 2000. I started practicing using yoga videos. Initially, I used the Power Yoga series by Bryan Kest as well as the Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden videos from Gaiam. The point of this blog post being I feel that yoga videos are wonderful tools and a completely valid way to learn yoga. Eventually, I added books from the library. I still highly recommend some of there books which you probably still can check out from the library for free, such as The Heart of Yoga and Light on Yoga. I started going to yoga studios, mainly two that you can now find me teaching It's Yoga Cincinnati and Shine Yoga Center. However, it started with videos, was largely videos and books for the first two years, and I believe that books and videos are wonderful and valid ways to learn. This is not to say there aren't advantages to learning in person at public classes or in private instruction. However, due to various reasons access to all methods of learning may or may not be presently available. Because of my belief in the power of learning via video, I offer free yoga videos on my YouTube channel as a way of giving back what my teachers have taught me. Currently, I am trying to get better at doing shorts, because I know time can be challenging for many of us and time is one of those constraints that can inhibit access to other methods of learning. Here is the most recent video I have done:

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