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Book Review: Pause, Rest, Be by Octavia Raheem

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

I’ve been teaching yoga for almost 20 years now and I have yet to teach a complete yoga teacher training. I have taught segments of a teacher training, but I have not yet felt the desire to teach a full training course. It is something I often contemplate: what would I want to synthesize and offer to new teachers that I don't see them having access to in other yoga teacher trainings that align with my gifts? All of this is to say, when I read books, I occasionally come across one that I think would be perfect for my currently theoretical yoga teacher training book list. This book is definitely one of those rare books I would use. Octavia Raheem's experience as both a yoga teacher and a writer shines here. It is perhaps less detailed in the nuts and bolts of restorative yoga compared to some of the other books I have read. However, I feel because of Raheem's language mastery in addition to her skill as a yoga teacher, Pause, Rest, Be gets to the heart of things better. Also, to clarify, the technical moments it does contain are accurate and well written. However, I would postulate that the technicality of instructions on restorative yoga is not the focus of Pause, Rest, Be so much as is how restorative yoga can shift your way of being.

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