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In the Beginning

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

I have been thinking a lot about beginnings and starting points as I am starting new projects in my life. This week, one of my friends asked if I could help them begin yoga after talking to me why I do yoga. Why do I do yoga? The answer is multifaceted. However, a large reason has to do is that my yoga practice is a tool for me to help with my anxiety and depression. Something that so many of us experience. This had me thinking, what would a beginning yoga series for those who are curious about exploring the practice for wholistic healing? That do not necessarily have long swaths of time? To start small and go progressively using online video format, pictures and writing as opposed to studio spaces. This is the first class in this series. Below is episode one. The videos are minimally edited. I am starting with the physical practice because for many of us in modern times that was the invitation. Only doing a few poses at a time, layering in other aspects over the upcoming sessions, and with each video being under 15 minutes. Eventually we will move into other techniques and devices such as pranayama ( breathe / energy ), meditation, and philosophy. A yoga mat might be helpful but will not be required until later, so you can definitely use these videos to get a feel for yoga without investing anything but time and awareness.

I recommend doing these sessions 3 - 5 days a week and sticking with each session for 3 - 5 days.

The first session focuses on standing forward folds and side angle pose.

Keep in mind none of this is medical advice. Only do what works for you leaving the rest behind.

1. Start with connecting to the breathe standing at the top of the mat.

2. Standing forward fold with an extended spine.

3. Standing forward fold with bent knees and gently rounded spine.

4. Standing with legs wide apart.

5. Side angle pose.

6. Wide legged forward fold with an extended spine. Cross between downward facing dog and wide legged forward fold.

7. Forward fold hands closer to feet if that is appropriate to your body.

8. Tadasana.

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