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Grand Online Opening of the Door!

Welcome to Germinate and Journey as an online studio space. As such, new classes will regularly appear and old classes will fade into the mists of time. If you glance at the numbers at the end of many of the video titles, they tell you the date recorded. Classes are 'live-ish'. Minimal editing is applied. In this weeks class you can hear sounds of life from outside the recording room. Many will only be around a week or so before being replaced by new experience. This is the journey: moving forward, shifting, letting time have its way. This is the first trial of our journey together. The details in this message may morph with time as well. A sample of a new class can be found below. Check it out before it's gone!

*this blog post is a repeat of the newsletter sent 10/23/2019

**the class linked to in the image will only be available for a limited time. The link will eventually be a dead link.

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