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Around the house - yoga prop edition

So you are doing yoga at home now and don't have the traditional yoga props. Is there anything you can use instead? Of course there is.

Here are some ideas of items to use as substitute yoga props:

Yoga Prop Substitute list

  • Yoga Mat - Floor, Towel. I strongly recommend having a pillow/cushion nearby if you are doing yoga without a mat or even if your mat is thin

  • Yoga Blocks - Are a little more challenging. Dimensions of a standard block are 4 x 6 x 9 inches. Typically made of foam, cork or wood. Possible substitutes are chair, books, sturdy/metal water bottles, small stools, smaller metal buckets turned upside down, large empty and cleaned food cans or bigger study plastic jars.

  • If you are newer to yoga or have more physical limitations I strongly recommend a chair.

  • Yoga Strap - belt, bathrobe tie, towel, necktie.

  • Yoga Blanket - pillow, comforters, winter weight blankets/throws, or thick towels. If you are testing pillows, depending on how high you decide you like your blanket/pillow you can use bed pillow, couch pillow ,or a couch cushion. Couch cushions can also be used for bolsters.

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